You are out for dinner at your favourite restaurant, enjoying that steak you have been craving since you made the reservation last week. As you finish your meal and pay the bill you head for the exit. Upon walking out you run into an old colleague from a previous job and stop and chit-chat for a few moments. While in conversation you ask him what he is doing for work these days and he tells you that he is CEO of a major branding company. You had no idea that this old contact had made such strides, the exact strides in which could benefit your business if a business relationship was made. As the conversation begins to conclude he is called to his table and you can’t leave without giving him your information. The perfect opportunity to hand him your BUSINESS CARD and shake his hand. Connection made…a business card connection!

Interacting with others is something that we do each and every day. The ability to turn that interaction into a potential business lead is what helps grow our business. A business card is the tangible piece of information that helps solidify such interaction.

We are able to put our contact information into the hands of others through a business card. It is held, it is examined and it is put into our memory bank. There is something about that piece of paper with the right amount of ink on it that creates a bond between two individuals. A business card connection that keeps a relationship going past the initial meeting.

If you have ever had business cards printed for yourself, you know the level of excitement when you first open the box. We have all been there before. Picking up the card to feel the weight of the stock, some even use the ‘finger flick’ technique to test the durability of the card. The sheer satisfaction when you look down and see your name draped across the paper in the perfect font and colour. It’s a feeling of pride, knowing that these small cards could lead you to the connections to take your business to the next level. (Just ask Patrick Bateman, the Vice President of Pierce & Pierce.)

A business card may be a small piece of your business, but the truth is that it is a building piece. As was the case in the restaurant interaction, if it wasn’t for having business cards the potential of starting a new relationship would be very minimal.

The quality of a business card to some is just as important as the information printed on it. Your business card is something you should be proud to hand out to new people. Stock, ink, texture and font are all things to consider when choosing a business card to represent you. Specialty features can add a level of professionalism to your card. Rounded corners, raised ink and foil stamping can make your business card speak for itself.

Let us know what makes a business card special to you and whether you have made a business card connection before. We want to know if the look of the card is important to you and if you feel that helps build the relationship.  Leave your comments by clicking on the comment button above. Thanks for reading.

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