Laser Cheques

Quality printed laser cheques are a great way to keep your office organized and moving in the right direction.  Cheques are still an everyday necessity in the business world. We print cheques for a wide range of businesses that serve across many industries.

The cheques that we produce for our customers are done efficiently on our offset presses to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Our cheques meet all of the CPA standards so we can guarantee security for your business. Compatibility with all accounting software is standard.

We take care of the hassle and setup to get your cheques to you in a quick and fashionable manner. With great pricing and quick turnaround times it is no wonder why our many customers use us for their cheque printing.


  1. 250 = $129.00
  2. 500 = $179.00
  3. 1,000 = $239.00