It seems these days that we neglect buying local and we want things to be convenient, easy & cheap. Who can blame us? Our time is precious and so is our money, so any way to gain a little extra of either is important. 

What about the feeling of accomplishment? Or even the feeling that we have helped out our local business community when we are buying local? These things are very important as well.

Time and time again in our business we gain customers on the basis of them being let down by another printing company. Companies that advertise that they are convenient. Companies that advertise that they are easy to deal with. And companies that advertise that their prices can’t be beat. And although 1….maybe 2 of those are true, they lack in certain areas that a local company like ours thrives on.

When a new customer strolls in our front door and begins to tell us that the quality of printing they received elsewhere was not to their standards, or when they tell us that customer service lacked tremendously, we have a good idea who they are speaking about. To the untrained eye they were drawn in by the convenient, easy & cheap factor. Which you cannot blame them for trying.

When we take over from where the large online printing company left off, we make the effort to communicate with the customer. We make sure that all details are in place and we get the job done right and to the standards that the customer is expecting to receive.

We leave the customer with a product that they can be proud of. Whether it is handing out a business card to a potential client, paying an employee with a cheque, placing a company label on a shipment or rolling out a blueprint at the job site, we know that the customer is satisfied with the product that they obtained by buying local.

The customer also feels a sense of satisfaction, as they have communicated their vision to us and we have transferred that vision into a printed product. Instead of clicking a few buttons into some website software and receiving the product by a driver in a big brown truck, it is personally delivered by the people who had their hands in the making of that product itself. By building a business relationship with us, this gives the customer a sense of pride that it was produced by a local business in a community that we all live in.

With the new business relationship that the customer is keeping local and in the community, not only are they receiving a quality product from us, they are helping the community grow.  Our customers give us the ability to give back to our community through sponsoring local sports teams like the Brantford Red Sox, Brantford 99’ers Jr. B Hockey Club and various youth teams involved in the Brantford Minor Hockey Association. We are also able to donate to various charitable golf tournaments or donate our services towards local fundraising events. These actions help the community grow as a whole and gives us the satisfaction that we are contributing to the community where we live, eat, shop, play and enjoy.

So the next time you need a printed product done easy, convenient & cheap…lift that finger off the mouse and extend your vision to the local printer that satisfies the customer and extends it’s hands to the entire community that we live in. Buying local is the way to go.

Stay classy Brantford.

The staff at Bialas Printing Ltd. and residents of your local community.